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November 2018:


May 2018:

THE AMERICAN MEME premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival in April. Congratulations to Bert Marcus, Cassandra Hamar, Tchavdar Georgiev, Hee-Jae Park and the entire crew. We received a fabulous review from Owen Gleiberman in Variety:

February 2018:

SERVED LIKE A GIRL will air on PBS' Independent Lens on May 28, 2018!

July 2017:

CITY 40 has been nominated for a 2017 Emmy Award for Best Investigative Documentary!

March 2017:

I've been working for the last several months with an incredible team on SERVED LIKE A GIRL, about homeless women veterans. Our premiere is set for March 13 at the SOUTH BY SOUTHWEST FILM FESTIVAL! Congratulations to our fearless director, Lysa Heslov, and the rest of the fabulous crew! A big shout-out to Jill Delaney, Michael A. Levine, Tchavdar Georgiev, Bridget Arnet and, of course, Adam Parrish King.

September 2016:

Having a blast with iEmpathize's Brad Riley and Jesse Marek working towards picture lock on BE RELENTLESS, about single mom, ultra-athlete and human trafficking survivor Norma Bastidas. The film will premiere in April 2017 at the Cleveland International Film Festival. 

June 2016:

CITY 40 has been selected as a Grand Jury Prize Nominee at the Sheffield International Documentary Film Festival and will screen at the famed Fronline Club in London on June 14th, at the bequest of Guardian foreign correspondent Luke Harding. The film is represented for worldwide distribution by Cinephil and was sold to Netflix.

March 2016:

At long last, CITY 40 will have its World Premiere at Hot Docs in April! 

November 2015:

Working with Marta Cunningham (Valentine Road) on an emotional short film about five women survivors of the Charleston Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church shooting. FORGIVENESS screens at Carnegie Hall on November 9th! 


August 2015:

CITY 40 is honored to have André Singer (Producer of The Act of Killing, Into the Abyss, My Best Fiend and Little Dieter Needs to Fly) on board as Executive Producer! Many thanks to Michael A. Levine and Bijan Olia for the gorgeous score, Adam Parrish King for his exceptional sound design and David Berlinsky for color and online.


June 2015:

To date, LIMITED PARTNERSHIP has won awards at ten film festivals and is now available for streaming on Netflix.


December 2014:

LIMITED PARTNERSHIP wins the 2014 IDA HUMANITAS AWARD at their gala awards ceremony at Paramount Studios. Congratulations to Tom Miller, Kirk Marcolina, Anthony Sullivan, Richard Adams and the whole LIMITED PARTNERSHIP team!


September 2014:



June 2014:

LIMITED PARTNERSHIP has its premiere at the LOS ANGELES FILM FESTIVAL  Following its premiere at LAFF, LIMITED PARTNERSHIP will screen at Frameline and Outfest, and will air on Independent Lens in June of 2015!


April 2014:

LIFE AFTER MANSON premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival and Sex(Ed) The Movie premiered at Cinequest! Looking ahead, Sex(Ed) The Movie will appear at the Cleveland International Film Festival, Full Frame, and will have its Los Angeles premiere in June at Dances With Films.


CHILDREN AND FISH DON’T TALKrocked the LA Times Festival of Books on USC Campus. Over 150,000 people attended the festival this year and we had scores of visitors to our booth, Number 574.


November 2013:

I am honored to be working with two exemplary filmmakers, Thomas Miller and Kirk Marcolina, on their very important film – LIMITED PARTNERSHIP.


LIFE AFTER MANSON picture locks.


August 2013:

THE DIPLOMAT will air nationwide August 6 on ESPN W.  Can’t wait for the premiere party!


CHILDREN AND FISH DON’T TALK has a date for our BOOK LAUNCH and SIGNING!!! August 5, 2013, at Collected Works Bookstore in Santa Fe, New Mexico at 5pm. World renowned mezzo-soprano Susan Graham will be in attendance to introduce us.

July 2013:

SEX(ED): THE MOVIE will have its premiere at Cinequest! It's also slated to screen at the Cleveland Int'l Film Festival and Full Frame. 


June 2013:

Work begins on LIFE AFTER MANSON with talented director, Olivia Klaus, of Sin By Silence fame. Patricia Krenwinkel, “Krenny,” is California’s longest serving inmate in women’s corrections and is also one of the so-called “Manson girls,” who killed at his command in 1969. With the 45th anniversary of the murders that changed this nation upon us, Krenny breaks her silence in a shocking exclusive confessional that attempts to make sense of how a “normal kid from a normal home” could commit such brutal crimes.


April 2013:

CHILDREN AND FISH DON’T TALK has partnered with Sunstone Press to publish a hardcover, paperback and e-Reader in the summer 0f 2013! We’re headed to print. Plus, the official web site will be launched May 14th, 2013. Stay tuned.


March 2013:

THE DIPLOMAT will premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival on April 20th. After a grueling post schedule, we’re thrilled to have a festival premiere before the ESPN broadcast in August 2013.


October 2012:

Editing begins on THE DIPLOMAT for ESPN Films, an edgy film about the electrifying, and polarizing, East German figure skater Katarina Witt. The film is co-directed by the incomparable Senain Kheshgi and Jennifer Arnold.


September 2012:

FROM THE SHADOWS will premiere at the Philadelphia Film Festival ( on October 23rd, 2012!


August 2012:

It’s been a very productive and enjoyable summer working on a plethora of projects including: CODE REDD campaign videos featuring Nascar driver, Leilani Munter (, the official trailer for FELIX AUSTRIA! (, a fundraising piece for Rightfooted: A documentary film about Jessica Cox (, and more.


July 2012:

THE LIGHT IN HER EYES premieres on POV a resounding success! It is slated to tour the world as part of the Sundance Film Forward Series.


April 2012:

CHILDREN AND FISH DON’T TALK is officially complete! The hunt for an agent and publisher begins.


December 2011:

THE LIGHT IN HER EYES has been chosen by POV for their 2012 lineup! The film will air on July 19.


October 2011:

Even more great news: THE LIGHT IN HER EYES will have its world premiere at IDFA (the International Documentary Film Festival in Amsterdam) and FROM THE SHADOWS is screening at the Capitol in Washington, D.C., hosted by Congressman Chris Smith. Both in November 2011.


August 2011:

Great news! THE LEGEND OF PANCHO BARNES AND THE HAPPY BOTTOM RIDING CLUB won a 2011 Emmy Award for the Arts & Culture/Historical category! Producer, Nick Spark, accepted the award on behalf of the film and it was a helluva night.


March 2011:

Since January I have been working simultaneously on SEX(ED): THE MOVIE and THE LIGHT IN HER EYES, about a Qur’an school for girls in Syria. The two films could not be more diametrically opposed in subject matter, but nonetheless share a surprising amount thematically. You can learn more about The Light In Her Eyes and its amazing directorial team of Julia Meltzer and Laura Nix, at their website, You can also read the Huffington Post shout out to the film at: I’m so honored to be working with Julia and Laura.


January 2011:

GOD WILLING will be screening at the Barcelona Film Festival and Boston Independent Film Festival and has a PBS airdate in April 2011. Find out more at their website:


Cutting continues on Sex(ed): The Movie. I love it when people ask me what I’m working on these days!


December 2010:

CIRCUS ROSAIRE is now available On Demand!


October 2010:

Work begins on the coveted feature project, SEX(ED): THE MOVIE, directed by Brenda Goodman. It’s hard to call it work, as it’s a ridiculous amount of fun. Over 350 archival sex-ed films dating back to 1918 are employed in the making of this movie, and the one-of-a-kind archivist of ephemeral films, Rick Prelinger, is a featured participant.


Cutting on From the Shadows draws to a close. Will begin collaborating with brilliant composer, Steve Gutheinz, next month after final pickups are shot.


September 2010:



August 2010:

GOD WILLING will premiere at the 2010 Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival!


More festival announcements soon to be made for THE LEGEND OF PANCHO BARNES AND THE HAPPY BOTTOM RIDING CLUB.  For now that news is hush hush. But, the doc will be re-airing on PBS in September.  Check the website for further details.


June 2010:

Congratulations to ONE LUCKY ELEPHANT which premieres at the Los Angeles Film Festival! Check out the trailer I cut at


May 2010:

Working with award-winning filmmaker, Grace Lee, on a fundraising piece for her feature doc about famed Detroit activist, Grace Lee Boggs (same name, different fabulous lady).


March 2010:

After winning two audience awards on the festival circuit, THE LEGEND OF PANCHO BARNES AND THE HAPPY BOTTOM RIDING CLUB wins Best Feature Documentary at the 2010 Los Angeles Women’s International Film Festival.


December 2009:

The color timing and mix for GOD WILLING’s two versions – 70 min festival and 50 minute PBS – is finally complete thanks to the visual artistry of Bill Russell and sound designing/mixing magic of Joe Milner at Puget Sound.


November 2009:

CIRCUS ROSAIRE wins Best Florida Documentary at the Fort Lauderdale Film Festival, with the Rosaire family in attendance.


September 2009:

With former astronauts, famous fliers, and an Air Force general in attendance, THE LEGEND OF PANCHO BARNES AND THE HAPPY BOTTOM RIDING CLUB hosts its Los Angeles premiere screening at the Aero Theater in Santa Monica on September 10th to a packed house.


July 2009:

Stay tuned for a cable series based on Circus Rosaire!  Details to be announced.


May 2009:

In May, post-production begins on From the Shadows, directed by Matt Antell and David Hearn.  Check out 


March / April 2009:

GOD WILLING, directed by Evangeline Griego, is in the final stages of editing.  Emmy Award winning composer, Miriam Cutler, has begun work on the score and both the festival and PBS versions are a lock.

January 2009:

CIRCUS ROSAIRE to screen at the San Francisco Independent Film Festival and the Salem Film Festival next month.


October / November 2008:

CIRCUS ROSAIRE screened at the Vancouver International Film Festival and the Hot Springs Film Festival.  Next stops, Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival in Greece, International Film Festival of Egypt, British Film Festival Los Angeles.


Production began on “birth memory” documentary in collaboration with award winning filmmaker, Mo Perkins, in October.  Keep an eye out for Mo Perkins’ feature directorial debut at the AFI Film Festival in November 2008. It recently won Best Narrative Feature at the Austin Film Festival. 


Nathan Wang just completed the score for The Legend of Pancho Barnes and the Happy Bottom Riding Club and post sound moved to Shapeshifter ( where Adam Parrish King will do the sound design and mix.



Editing begins on THE LEGEND OF PANCHO BARNES AND THE HAPPY BOTTOM RIDING CLUB with Nick Spark (producer) and Amanda Pope (direcotr).



THE WRAITH OF COBBLE HILL gets international distribution with CINEMA16, as part of their AMERICAN SHORT FILMS release.  American Short Films includes work by Tim Burton, Maya Deren, Andy Warhol, Todd Solondz, Gus Van Sant, DA Pennebaker, George Lucas, and Wraith’s director, Adam Parrish King.


Wraith was also distributed domestically by Magnolia Pictures as part of their 2006 Academy Award Nominated Short Films release. 



Editing begins on CIRCUS ROSAIRE, a feature documentary about a ninth-generation family of circus animal trainers.



THE WRAITH OF COBBLE HILL wins the Jury Prize in Short Filmmaking from the Sundance Film Festival!  It would go on to win awards at the South By Southwest, Los Angeles, Silver Lake, Atlanta, BAFTA/LA, Asheville, Nashville, Rio de Janiero, Rhode Island, Annecy International, Animation Block Party, and Secret City Film Festivals.  It was also invited, or accepted to over 60 festivals around the world.







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