EDITOR/CO-PRODUCER, They Call Me Magic — Earvin "Magic" Johnson is an icon for the ages—from humble beginnings to the Dream Team to business titan. Featuring interviews with President Obama, Larry Bird, Pat Riley, Michael Jordan, and many more, this docuseries charts the life and career of a legend. (SXSW, Apple TV+.)


EDITOR, MKO: Waiting For Mr. President — Who killed the president-elect of the world’s largest Black democracy, Nigeria? MKO is a feature length documentary that unravels a global political murder mystery that still reverberates today. (Work-in-Progress.)


EDITOR, Stars and StrifeAn epidemic of hatred has left America helpless in the face of crises. A remarkable cast that includes a civil rights leader, the former heir apparent to the white nationalist movement, and former cabinet secretaries of both parties, explores what America needs to do to face the challenges of our time and correct course. (Starz.)


EDITOR, RAISE HELL: The Life & Times of Molly Ivins — The story of media firebrand Molly Ivins. Six feet of Texas trouble and often compared to Mark Twain, she took on Good Old Boy corruption wherever she found it. Bestselling author, Pulitzer Prize nominated journalist, syndicated columnist, she courageously spoke truth to power and it cost her more than once. (Official Selection 2019 Sundance Film Festival; Audience Award Winner SXSW Film Festival.)


EDITOR, MR. TOILET: The World's #2 Man — Obsessed with toilets, eccentric entrepreneur Jack Sim sacrifices his comfortable life for an endless battle against the world’s largest man-made crisis: shit. (Official Selection 2019 Hot Docs Film Festival; Winner Docs For Schools Student Choice Award.)


EDITOR, The American Meme — Four distinct social media disruptors, Paris Hilton, Josh Ostrovsky (@TheFatJewish), Brittany Furlan and Kirill Bichutsky (@slutwhisperer) hustle to build empires out of their online footprints, redefining the paradigm for the American Dream. With support from social media moguls DJ Khaled, Hailey Baldwin and Emily Ratajkowski. (Netflix; Official Selection 2018 Tribeca Film Festival; Official Selection Hot Docs 2018.)


EDITOR, Served Like a Girl — There are over 55,000 homeless women veterans in the United States. In order to combat this fast-growing crisis and raise awareness, one woman vet creates the Ms Veteran America competition. This feature doc follows a group of fierce women warriors who redefine what it means to be a fighter. (Official Selection South By Southwest Film Festival; PBS' Independent Lens 2018.)

EDITOR, Be Relentless — Feature documentary about single mom, ultra-athlete and survivor of human trafficking, Norma Bastidas. Norma attempts to break the Guinness World Record for the world's longest triathlon—swimming, biking and running all the way from Cancun, Mexico to Washington D.C.—in an effort to raise awareness for victims of sexual violence. She is forced to confront her own past during this intrepid journey. (Official Selection Cleveland International Film Festival.)



EDITOR, CITY 40 — In the heart of Russia there is a Soviet-era secret city that houses thousands of men, women and children who live and work behind double barbed-wire fences. They are told that they are the creators of the nuclear shield and saviors of the world and that everyone is an enemy. A mother risks her life to fight for human rights inside Russia's largest nuclear city and one of the most contaminated places on earth. (2017 Emmy Nominee for Best Investigative Documentary; Exec. Produced by André Singer of Academy-Award nominated The Act of Killing; Netflix; Official Selection Hot Docs Film Festival, Grand Jury Prize nominee Sheffield Film Festival.)


CO-EDITOR, Abortion: Stories Women Tell — This documentary sheds new light on the contentious issue of abortion, with a focus not on the debate, but rather on the women themselves: those struggling with unplanned pregnancies, the providers at clinics who give medical care, and the activists on the sidewalks hoping to sway decisions. (HBO; 2018 Emmy Award Nominee Outstanding Social Issue Documentary; Official Selection Tribeca Film Festival.)


EDITOR, Forgiveness — A s
hort film directed by Marta Cunningham (Valentine Road) featuring the extraordinary courage of five women survivors of the Charleston Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church shooting. (Conde Nast, Carnegie Hall premiere for Glamour Magazine's Women of the Year Awards.)


CO-EDITOR/CO-WRITER, Limited Partnership — A love story between an American man and his Australian husband who were legally married in 1975, but received a deportation letter from the INS stating, “You have failed to establish a bona fide marital relationship can exist between two faggots.” The couple sued the US government and embarked on a forty year odyssey for justice.  (Winner 2014 IDA Humanitas Award; Official Selection 2014 Los Angeles Film Festival, Frameline and Outfest; scheduled to air on Independent Lens in 2015.)

EDITOR, Life After Manson — Patricia Krenwinkel, “Krenny,” is California’s longest serving inmate in women’s corrections and is also one of the so-called “Manson girls,” who killed at his command in 1969. With the 45th anniversary of the murders that changed this nation upon us, Krenny breaks her silence in a shocking exclusive confessional that attempts to make sense of how a “normal kid from a normal home” could commit such brutal crimes. (Official Selection 2014 Tribeca Film Festival, Winner Best Short Documentary and Best Editing at the DOCUTAH Film Festival, New York Times Op-Docs Feature.)


EDITOR, The Diplomat — In collaboration with ESPN Films, this is an edgy portrayal of electrifying skater Katarina Witt’s role in the secret police for the German Democratic Republic in the 1970s and 80s. (Official Selection 2013 Tribeca Film Festival.)  


EDITOR, Sex(Ed): The Movie — A hilarious and moving feature length examination into what Americans have, and have not, been taught in Sex-Ed classes over the last century, told through the backdrop of classic Sex-Ed films. (Official Selection 2014 Cinequest, Full Frame and Cleveland Int’l Film Festivals.)

ADDITIONAL EDITOR, Bite Size — An intimate look at the obesity epidemic in America through the eyes of the children who are most at risk.  (Winner 2014 Cinequest Film Festival Jury Award for Best Documentary.)

EDITOR, The Light in Her Eyes — A window into a Qur’an school for girls in Damascus, Syria. It has screened around the globe and is an exclusive look into a world that is almost never seen and has increasing international relevance. (Official Selection IDFA 2011, Dubai International Film Festival, aired on POV in July 2012, part of the Sundance FILM FORWARD series.)

EDITOR, From the Shadows — Hundreds of children from around the world, but primarily from the US, are abducted by one parent from another and taken to Japan where they are retained under the protection of Japanese laws.  This verite style feature doc tracks an international group of parents’ active efforts – sometimes legal, sometimes not – to get their children back. (Official Selection 2012 Philadelphia Film Festival.)     

EDITOR, The Legend of Pancho Barnes and the Happy Bottom Riding Club — A charismatic figure immortalized in "The Right Stuff," Florence "Pancho" Barnes was one of the most important women in 20th century aviation. This is her legendary and as-yet untold story, her voice portrayed by Academy Award winning actress, Kathy Bates, and narrated by Tom Skerritt. (Winner 2011 Emmy Award for Best Cultural/Historical Documentary , Winner 2010 Audience Awards at the Big Muddy and San Luis Obispo Film Festivals, Winner Best Feature Doc at the LA Women’s International Film Festival, Winner BEST EDITING at the DOCUTAH Film Festival.)

CO-EDITOR, God Willing — Powerful feature length documentary about families whose children disappear into the most secretive cult in America, renouncing their past lives and the modern world, without ever turning back. God Willing follows two mothers on their search to find their daughters. (ITVS grant recipient, Official Selection 2010 Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival.)


EDITOR, Circus Rosaire — Feature documentary that follows the famous Rosaire circus family of animal trainers who live, love and lose tremendously, as they struggle to survive off their dying art form. (2007 Sarasota Film Festival Audience Award Winner, Official Selection 2008 Slamdance Film Festival, Best Feature / Audience Awards at 2008 Arizona, Memphis International and Swansea Bay, England Film Festivals.)

CO-EDITOR, Bad Boys of Summer — A field of dreams inside America's toughest prison, Bad Boys is a feature portrait of the inmate baseball program at San Quentin State Prison. (Official Selection 2007 Slamdance Film Festival.)

PRODUCER / EDITOR, The Wraith of Cobble Hill — 16mm stop-motion animation short about a neglected kid from Brooklyn and a corner storekeeper who only has spirit enough left to care for one of them. (2006 Sundance Film Festival Jury Prize for Best Short, Official Selection 2006 New Directors/New Films, Winner Best Animated Short at the 2006 South By Southwest Film Festival and Los Angeles Film Festivals, and screened at over 60 film festivals worldwide.)

EDITOR / WRITER, The Shape of Water  — Narrated by Susan Sarandon, this feature documentary explores women's global grassroots efforts to bring equality and justice to their communities in Senegal, India, Israel and Brazil. (Official Selection 2006 Santa Barbara Film Festival, Winner Best Documentary Feature 2006 Reel Sisters of the Diaspora, and 2006 INSIGHT Award of Excellence in Editing from the National Association for Film & Digital Media Artists.)

EDITOR, Venice: Tides of Change — Feature length documentary that unravels the story of Venice, Italy and how the city is drowning in excessive tourism and vapid modernization, told through a colorful cast of Venetian residents. (Distributed by Solid Entertainment.)

EDITOR, Drive — Feature documentary.  The objective of every female pro golfer is to make it to the Ladies Professional Golf Association.  Defying stereotypes, the women featured in "Drive" suffer strains on relationships, finances, physical and mental health for their dream of playing on the LPGA. (Official Selection 2005 Newport Beach Film Festival.)

EDITOR, Press Pass to the World — Feature documentary with an ensemble cast of some of the print press' most respected foreign correspondents.  The filmmaker travels to eight countries, exploring Hong Kong, Havana, New Delhi, Vienna, Seoul and Washington D.C., to capture the stories behind the storytellers. (Distributed by Solid Entertainment, Official Selection 2005 New Zealand International Film Festival.)

EDITOR, Yella Shabab, Yella — Feature documentary that tracks the lives of an unlikely trio - a Palestinian, an Israeli & a Jewish-American - who are working together for peace in the Middle East. Hisham, Uri and Bryan co-founded a company that hopes to give small business loans to Palestinian young men. The film documents the obstacles they face from their communities, families, friends, and within themselves as they try to make their goals a reality.

ASSISTANT EDITOR, The Great Transatlantic Cable — One hour episode for PBS’ “American Experience” about Cyrus Field, the indefatigable entrepreneur responsible for connecting Europe to the Americas via the Transatlantic Cable in the 1860s.

ASSISTANT EDITOR, Bataan Rescue — One hour episode for PBS’ “American Experience” about hundreds of American POWs who suffered through three years of captivity in the Philippines in WWII. (Winner 2004 IDA/ABC News Video Source Award.)


ASSISTANT EDITOR, Holy Land: Common Ground — Feature documentary about joint peace efforts from Palestinian and Israeli organizations and mavericks in the Middle East.

DIRECTOR / EDITOR, The Pursuit of Happiness — Of all the states throughout this nation, the happiest by far is the state of relaxation.  This short documentary is a light-hearted look at the culture of prescription anti-depressant use in the United States since the 1950s. (Official Selection 2002 New Orleans Film Festival and Women in the Director's Chair Film Festival.)
EDITOR, Piss Hat — 35mm short narrative about Lucy.  This is not a love story at all. (Nominated for Student Academy Award and Official Selection 2004 Spotlight Festival at the Director's Guild of America.)
ASSISTANT EDITOR, Beah: A Black Woman Speaks — Feature documentary about the extraordinary life of African-American actress, poet, teacher, activist, Beah Richards. (Winner Grand Jury Prize 2003 AFI Film Festival and Peabody Award winner.)



EDITOR, Atmospheres: Duration Performances with Fireworks — Retrospective for artist Judy Chicago’s 2002 American museum tour.

CO-EDITOR, Roam — Short narrative about two young Latino brothers struggling to survive homelessness on the streets of Los Angeles. (Official selection 2002 Sundance Film Festival.)

ASSISTANT EDITOR, The Danube Exodus — A multimedia, interactive installation for the Getty Museum about the contrasting journeys of Jewish refugees and Bessarabian Germans along the Danube River during WWII. (Directed by Hungarian filmmaker, Peter Forgacs, and screened at museums internationally.)

ASSISTANT EDITOR, Dylan's Run — Feature documentary about the first African-American Republican, Dylan Glenn, to run for Congress in the Deep South since 1901. (Official Selection 2001 San Francisco Independent Film Festival.)

EDITOR, Mboutoukou — Short narrative shot on location in Cameroon about a young boy’s quest to harvest termites for his mother's birthday. (Winner Best Narrative Short 2003 South By Southwest Film Festival, finalist Student Academy Awards, Official Selection 2002 Venice International Film Festival and over 40 other festivals worldwide.) 

CO-EDITOR, A Sound Education — 30 minute documentary about music education for Korean and African-American youth in South Central, Los Angeles. (Winner Best Short Film at the 2000 Cleveland Int'l Film Festival.)